We were in our late 20s when we lost everything in a biz affair that went wrong, putting an end to everything way too soon. We did not even know who we were. That moment changed everything. Our lives were terminated while at the same time we were not. That was a giant paradox. Now, how to live? Nothing we were told or learned applied anymore. Conventional rules did not work. The light just went off.


So, how far can we go from here? Is there anything beyond? 

This is how we shifted from despair to curiosity. By unlearning everything and by questioning everything. Life didn't get any easier, but we became more creative and resilient, and so, bigger and stronger than our growing challenges. We learned to learn, to listen, to build bridges between our world and the world, to integrate realities, technologies, and differences, to do more with less. In short, to live in alignment with our core identities, the pathway to freedom of being.

It is what Georgia calls X-Culture or "How Superheroes are born" or a life built on uniqueness and identity, on X-factor. It is also the mindset behind X-Films productions, a series of constant alignments.

Daydreamer Pictures encapsulates our core essences.


Who we are is what we have to offer to this world. 



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